About H22

A digital agency in Nottingham, working with the people and businesses of the East Midlands to design its digital future.

We are a Nottingham-based digital agency with a love for making customer visions come to life.

Incorporated in 2010, H22 provide the people and businesses of the East Midlands and throughout the UK with a digital presence that reaches across the web, mobile app and social media channels, helping them to increase their brand awareness and grow their business.

Our strong customer focus ensures we meet and exceed the needs and visions of customers.

Our Values

  • Staff ensure timely communication with internal and external clients
  • Tasks are prioritised and completed on time and to the highest standard possible
  • We are committed to giving clear and concise recommendations in plain English
  • Understanding to the needs and goals of our clients and give a fair price to accomplish those goals
  • We are always there for our customers, even after the task has been completed.

Digital Agency in Nottingham

Drawing on decades of experience in programming and design, and calling upon an unrivalled passion for customer focus, H22 Solutions Limited aims to deliver the utmost quality in both product and service.

We’ve got a knack for spotting upcoming digital trends: we were designing responsive websites years ago, before smart devices had become the norm!

With a broad portfolio and expansive professional network covering a range of industries, we have a solid foundation of previous experience, connections and tools to apply to any of your projects.

An end product that aligns with customer visions is our ultimate goal. We work through our creative process with you at each stage, making sure the work we do stays suited to you, your needs, and your vision.

Through this human-centred approach to business, we can ensure we deliver on quality, reliability and understanding.

H22 Solutions is working with the people and businesses of the East Midlands to design its digital future.

Get in Touch

We are always happy to offer advice on your next project (and we like coffee too!)