Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design can be viewed on any screen size so your visitors have a great web experience on any device.





H22 have a long history with responsive web design

We have been building mobile friendly websites before it was a trend in web design and long before Google made it a ‘must have’ in early 2015.

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Why Responsive?

Mobile devices are now one of the most commonly used platforms. Responsive web design is the ideal way to tap into the vast potential of the online presence.

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Future-proof your website

Investing in a responsive website will pay dividends in the long term. You will no longer have to worry about how your website design adapts as new devices enter the marketplace.

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The responsive edge

Google likes responsive websites and with over 1 billion smartphone users, the need to have a responsive web design that is compatible on small devices is a must.

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Advantages of responsive websites

• As of late 2014, Google actively promotes responsive designs in their rankings
• Early 2015, Google makes having a responsive website a ‘must have’
• The website resizes and functions correctly for all users
• Greater web browser support.

advantages of responsive web design

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