Social Media

Social media provides great opportunities for marketing and engaging with your customers.







Social media enables your business to attract new customers, potential business partners and increases awareness about you and your products and services.

Benefits of Social Media

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Social media gives you the opportunity to go where your customers are.

It gives you the chance to talk with them, see what they’re doing, what they want, and most importantly it puts you in the right place to meet the needs of your customers.

If used in the right way social media can bring a host of opportunities for your business, with an increased customer base and higher revenues a very real possibility.

How H22 can help with your Social Media

We offer a comprehensive social media service ranging from setting up accounts to on-going management.

We can advise on the best platforms for your business, and depending on your goals, we can help you increase the profile of your business, join the conversation your customers are having, or help you focus on sending people to your website.

Whatever your needs and goals, we can help.

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Social Media Services

  • Setting up of social media accounts, including branding
  • Regular social media activity – both your own content and industry-related news, trends, and content
  • Help to build and engage with community networks
  • Monthly analytic reports that show the tangible impact of social media on your business.

Services for B2B

  • Sourcing and sharing of professional content that provides insight, inspiration, and interest
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Focusing on lead generation.

Services for B2C

  • Sourcing and sharing of content that is entertaining and shareable
  • Driving community engagement
  • Focusing on increasing awareness.

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